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  • How much do limousine buses cost?

Limo Buses, Limo Bus For Sale Specialties

Why do I want to buy a limo bus or party bus?
A Limousine Bus Interior PictureHere are just some of the features of the limousine bus that attract most people to purchasing a limousine bus for any occasion where people want to have a good time on the move! Some of the features included in many limo buses and party buses for sale are the following:

  • Perimeter Seating and Bench Seating is almost always a standard!
  • You will find many limo buses comes equipped with what is referred to as perimeter seats. What this means is that the seats in the limousine bus are like couches with their backs against the walls of the bus. Usually you see these along the walls of the bus and they tend to curve around to accommodate other features of the limousine. Most times you can lounge in comfort on nice leather perimeter bench seats!

  • Bars! Wet Bars! Mini Bars!
  • When most people prepare a party bus, the last thing they tend to forget is the liquor in the mini bar! Well as you may have expected most limousine buses for sale come equipped with at least 1 bar built into the bus, so everyone can stock their favorite drinks!

  • Dancer Poles! Stripper Poles!
  • So let’s pretend we are throwing a bachelor party on the move! We certainly shouldn’t forget the dancer! And for that, that’s right, we need a pole! Many party limo buses come ready to go with 1 or 2 dancer poles built into the roof and floor of the bus.

  • Video, Audio, TV Entertainment Solutions!
  • Again most limousine party buses these days should come equipped with your obvious am/fm radio as well as DVD systems, surround sound systems, flat screen TV’s, and more!

  • Lighting! Fiber Optic Lights, Strobe Lighting, & More! Limo Bus Lighting!
  • Again a popular feature of the limo bus is the strobe or fiber optic lighting systems, usually standard in a wide array of varying colors to provide the atmosphere you want inside your limousine party bus.

Limo Bus For Sale? Buy & Selling Limousine Buses

When looking around to buy a limo bus or buy a party bus there are several places you can shop online and it’s probably your best bet as not all of us have local bus dealers in the area. You can take a look at the popular sites around the internet such as which offer a wide array of buses for sale from around the country, possibly the world. The other way to go might be to attempt searching out someone local to you, for example is another popular bus website and obviously if you are close to las vegas you may want to first see what their selection of limousine buses look like.

Pre-Owned Limousine Buses and Limo Buses For Sale By Owner

There is always going to be a bus dealer with some selection of buses to look through or a bus broker who can put you in touch with the right bus. However another popular way to go when looking to buy a used limo bus would be to look for limousine bus classifieds where you can find limousine buses for sale by both the bus owner and dealers alike. One of the most popular bus classifieds I have seen is as they allow anyone to sign up and sell a bus. They also appear to be a free bus classified service.

Selling a Limo Bus

Similarly to buying a limo bus, selling a limo bus can be just as challenging. You are pretty much left with the same options you had when buying your limo bus. You can select a bus dealer and see if you can work out a deal to sell your bus at their dealership on consignment, or you can contact a limo bus broker and have them sell your bus for a small fee. Otherwise you are left with limo bus classified ads that you can post yourself around the internet. Again the most popular site for free bus classifieds is probably But there are many automotive classified sites around the internet that may also serve to help sell a limo bus.

Popular Limousine Bus Manufacturers and Limo Bus Models

If left up to me I think I would buy a Krystal Limousine Bus every time. I find that Krystal Koach manufactures some of the nicest limousine buses around. Krystal broke into the bus market by taking a strategy of combining the bus and the limousine together, and honestly what could be better than that for what we are talking about! Limousines meet buses and make one heck of a sharp looking party limo bus for sale. Krystal limo buses can come equipped with all the features that we mentioned that are so great about limousine buses!

This isn’t to say that Krystal Limo Buses are your only options. Ford also manufactures a limo bus chassis and makes a very comparable limo bus for sale to the Krystal bus. I personally find Ford Limo Buses for sale to be a bit plain when compared with the Krystals, however they make an excellent professional style limousine bus. Perhaps the Ford limo bus can be considered more the practical limousine bus for sale versus the party limo bus style of most Krystal coaches. The F-550 is a popular type of Ford and Krystal limo bus and certainly one of my choices. Though obviously you can have your limo bus repainted at any time, Krystal tends to make black limo buses and Ford tends to lean toward the white limo bus.

Popular Limousine Buses For Sale

The International Chassis is another popular choice for limousine buses, and certainly makes a sturdy frame. One of the most popular limousine buses is probably the Turtle Top Limousine Bus available in several different model variations. When it comes to the Krystals the Krystal kk28 Limo bus is one of the most popular of the mid size limousine buses for sale. Not quite as popular but a very nice bus the International El Dorado Limo buses also make excellent automobiles. The Ford Starcraft Limo Buses are one of the nicest line of Ford you see as a limousine style bus. Though sometimes you may see a larger transit style bus as a limo bus, these are usually due to very custom changes to the bus to turn a transit bus into a limo bus. As such when you see these other types of buses being used as limo buses I suggest you investigate them closely and make sure you are getting exactly the “custom limo bus” you wanted.

Used Limo Buses vs New Limo Buses

Obviously the same challenges are faced when deciding between purchasing any new vehicle versus purchasing a used vehicle of the same kind. Limousine buses are no exception! There are the obvious pitfalls to purchasing a used limo. You have be certain not too purchase so high a mileage limo bus that your engine or transmission are sure to die within the first year of purchase. Again any used limo bus is going to have the usual wear and tear that come over time. You want to check for exterior damage to the limousine bus, as well as any interior damage be it to the bus itself or to the seats or accessories of the bus. Air conditioning can be a common problem with buses and as such it is always a good idea to check your AC and heat before purchasing any limo or party bus.

How much does a limousine bus cost?

When talking about brand new limousine buses for sale you can be sure you are going to spend a pretty penny. I would say that for a decked out limo style party bus you might be looking in the neighborhood of 100 grand and upward! Now if you aren’t too particular you can easily get your hands on a used limo bus for sale at half the cost of a new limousine bus. You are probably looking at around 50-80k on a quality used limo bus.

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