2010 Tax Filing Extended Due Date For Taxes To April 18th

tax due date extensionFor those of you who like to wait until the last minute to do your taxes and are thinking about filing an extension, we have good news for you! The Tax Due Date is extended to April 18th, 2011. This means you have three more days to file your taxes. Doing your taxes is often something that people like to put off and in some cases go to the extreme measure of filling a 6 month extension just to avoid doing it today. Well, this year you have not only three more days, but it falls over a weekend. Great news, huh?

Is this Due Date Extension on Income Taxes Permanent?

The income tax extension to April 18th is a breath of fresh air for late filers. Whereas you may have been scrounging to get your taxes filed by today, you now have a few more days to get it done. For many people, that fact that it falls over the weekend as well provides them with ample time to get it done. Unfortunately, this is probably not permanent, meaning that next year it should fall on April 15th again. There is no indication that this mini Income Tax due date extension will be an ongoing rule. Why then, was the due date pushed back?

Why was the Income Tax Due Date Extended?

The District of Columbia has its own special holiday, Emancipation Day. Emancipation day falls on April 16th, and is a day that celebrates the compensated emancipation act in the DC. This act paid slave owners for the release of their slaves. Part of the act was to abolish slavery, so even though you may take umbrage to the slave owners getting compensated, at least it was in the interest of ending slavery.

So what does this have to do with us getting an free extension on our income taxes? Well, thankfully, the government hates to ‘lose’ holidays, so when a holiday falls on a saturday or sunday, most government bodies take a different day off so that they still get that extra day. Normally this is something that seems unfair to non-government workers, but in this case it means we get three extra days to file our income taxes. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

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