How To Print Your Own 1099 Misc Tax Forms

Do you own or operate your own small business or act as a sole proprietor of a small company? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in how to save some cash by taking a few easy steps and performing services that you may be currently paying an accountant or other tax professional on your behalf. Those of us who own a small business and employee contractors are required to complete and send out Tax Form 1099 MISC. These forms are mailed to our contractors so that they can report their earnings properly to the IRS. This is also important to you as this is the process that alleviates your tax responsibilities for the monies paid to your contractors. Additionally you will need to also complete form 1096 for yourself to inform the IRS of the fact that you paid these entities X amount of dollars and also provided them a Printed 1099 Misc Tax Form.

Printing your own 1099 misc forms, quick, easy, free!

How can I print my own 1099 Misc tax forms for my sub contractors? It’s easy! Let’s get started and find out how any of us can complete this simple task without paying a ‘professional’.

What Do We Need To Print Our Own 1099’s?

  • The Actual 1099 MISC Tax Form For The Correct Tax Year
  • These forms can usually be purchased at any local office supply store or perhaps your local post office or library as well.

  • Microsoft Word (preferably 2007 or later edition).
  • An Internet Connection
  • How Much You Payed Out To Each (sub) Contractor
  • Each contractor’s name, address, and social security number

As for actually filling out the information on the 1099 form itself, it’s fairly self explanatory. So let’s dive into how to load up the 1099 form into microsoft word, fill it out, and print it out!

First we’ll need to open Microsoft Word. After we have opened the application we need to find ourselves a free printable 1099 misc tax form template. So we click to create a NEW document and then when prompted for the type of document we are going to search the templates to find a free 1099 misc tax form that we can print ourselves. Simply type into the search box “1099 MISC” and click search. Below you can see an example of how your screen should look and where you type your search. Currently this search yields just 1 result, fortunately that’s all we need! So next Click on the Microsoft Word 1099 Tax Form Printable Template that is currently displayed in the template section for your search. This will open up a new document and load the template, making you ready to dive into action.

How To Find And Load A 1099 Miscellaneous Tax Form For Microsoft Word 2007 or Later.  Printing your own 1099 tax forms free!

Located above is an image of what selecting your Microsoft Word 1099 miscellaneous tax form template should look like. Below is what the form looks like after you click the template and load it into your new document.

What the 1099 Form Template Looks Like After You Have Loaded It Into Your New MicroSoft Office Document

Now that you have your template loaded into Word, you’re ready to start entering your contractor’s information as well as your own in the appropriate sections. Fill out the dollar amount paid to your contractor and you’re all done! Load the 1099 Misc Tax Form that your purchased at your local office supply store into your printer appropriately and HIT PRINT!

All in all this should probably only take you 10 minutes to complete the first try. From there on you should be able to crank a new one out every couple minutes until you have all your 1099 forms printed out and ready to be mailed. Best of all you avoided an unneeded step (hiring an accountant or visiting H&R Block) and saved yourself some money to boot! And there you have it! That’s How To Print Your Own 1099 MISC Tax Forms FREE!

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