What to do if You Did Not Receive a 1099 Misc

What should I do if I did not receive a 1099 for work I have done? Unfortunately there is not much you can do to force another business to provide you with the your 1099 Miscellaneous form for the previous year’s earning. If you think your 1099 might arrive late or not arrive at all, there is still something you need to do. Every business regardless of the size of their operation is responsible to send out a 1099 to all contractors that did work for that company in the prior tax year. Each business should send out it’s 1099’s sometimes in the month of January and you should receive your 1099 by February 1st. Now not all businesses are as on the ball as others, so sometimes give a few more days, perhaps until the end of the first week of February before you start to panic that you did not receive your 1099 this year.

How do you report your 1099 Earning if you did not receive your 1099 Form?

Despite popular belief, it is not solely up to the company that you do work for to keep records of monies spent and earned throughout the year. It is up to you as an independent contractor to keep records of your own. Just because you did not receive a 1099 does not mean that you don’t have to report your 1099 earning for the year!

You should still have records indication how much money you have earned from each person or company you have done business with throughout the year. When it comes time to do your taxes you still have to report these earnings!

1099 Reporting, Despite Not Receving a 1099 Misc Form

  • How do I get the Business Tax Identification Number and Company Information for business I have done work for if they have not sent me a 1099 on time?
  • Business records and information are all considered public information, as such all business tax id information and company details are on file at the IRS. You can contact your local IRS office and speak with an IRS representative nearest you to find some additional answers. Here you can request any company’s Tax Identification number, address information, and any other company details you may need to report your 1099 earning properly for the year.

    Do not let others dictate your actions! Be responsible and keep your own business records. The IRS holds every person responsible for their own tax preparations and payments. Ultimately you are responsible for your tax liabilities and you must report all earnings regardless of whether or not you received your 1099 papers on time.

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