What is the Best Facebook Game?

Frontierville get my vote for best facebook gameDeciding which game on facebook is what I consider to be the best facebook game is a tough question. I have taken a liking to a lot of the games on facebook now. But I would have to say Frontierville is my all time favorite game. I did like farmville, but frontierville always has different missions and many other things you can do.

Why I Think It’s The Best Facebook Game

Every time I go on to play there is something waiting for me to do when I get there. Even if I have completed all of my missions I can still go to all of my neighbor’s lands and collect food, wood, experience and reputation. All of which help me in the game. You take care of different crops, fight off bears, snakes and groundhogs. To clean your land up you have to cut down trees, clear grass and debris, take care of animals and pick trees of fruit. In a lot of the missions they will give you a different store of sorts you have to build then do missions for it. Some of the missions can be very hard to finish and can take days to complete. Others though I can complete in a matter of maybe half an hour. If you have or are starting a facebook account you should try this game out if you have some extra time on your hands. Though if you enjoy it, the facebook game can become very addicting, Frontierville certainly gets my vote for the best facebook game

What do you think is the best facebook game?

Have an opinion that differs from mine? Do you also think that Frontierville is the best facebook game? Let me know what you think is the best game on facebook! I’d love to try something new or hear what you think about frontierville as the best game on facebook! Leave a comment below and let me know!

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