How to Stop Your Wisdom Tooth from Hurting

How To Stop Your Wisdom Tooth From HurtingHow Can I Stop My Wisdom Tooth from Hurting So Much? I say if your wisdom teeth hurt you that bad if you can have them removed! This will be the best and safest way to go about it. If you for what ever the reason can not have them removed I will tell you some remedies that may help with some of the pain you experience until you seek a dentist to have the wisdom teeth pulled. Because again, extracting the wisdom tooth is the correct course of action and you dentist can best advise you.

8 Ways To Reduce Pain & Stop Your Wisdom Teeth From Hurting

  1. You can use clove oil- This has a very pungent smell and taste to it, but it draws out any infection you may have and numbs the area. Take a q tip or some times the bottle has a dropper and put a few small drops on the area like every 4 to 6 hrs.
  2. Orajel- This is a tooth medicine you can get at just about any supermarket. It is a numbing agent that will ease the pain in the tooth.
  3. Motrin, Ibuprofen or Advil work for the pain.
  4. Ambesol will help to numb at area as well
  5. Warm water with salt and a drop of peroxide, swoosh it in the mouth and hold it in the area that hurts the most for 5 minutes then spit it out. Do not do this if the tooth has been removed as this can cause even more pain.
  6. Warm compresses on the side of the face that hurts.
  7. If the area is swollen with infection you want to try and get some kind of antibiotics in you to help with it. And obviously it would be best to visit a dentist and let them prescribe the medications you may need.
  8. Rinse with mouth was. Let the mouthwash sit on the area that hurts for a moment this will temporarily give you a little relief.

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