How to Decorate Your House for Spring?

There are so many different ways you can prepare your home for the spring season. I am going to tell you 3 different ways that you can change your home to make it spring friendly and welcoming! The first thing you are going to want to do is get rid of all the darker wintery colors. Get all of those throw blankets off the back of your couches and roll up the dark and drab throw rugs that are laying around the flooring. These 3 styles I am going to tell you about you can either do them as a separate theme for each or if you want to spice it up you can do the combination of the 3 all together for a whole different spring type of look.

3 Different Ways To Decorate Your House This Spring Season

  1. How To Decorate Your Home For Spring in a Floral and Fruit Theme – Floral Spring Decorations, Spring Fruit Decorations.

    How To Decorate A Home For Spring Pictures Of A Living RoomWith flowers you do not want to go over board with this because then your home will not only be set up for spring but it will look very tacky and over done. With the floral theme you can also add some fruit scenery as well.

    • What better and more appropriate way to decorate your house this spring than with spring flowers and spring fruit decor! Nothing brings out the season like the natural look, something a lot of us consider each year as spring approaches is how we can decorate with more flowers this spring and that’s always a nice touch!
    • You may want to take down all the darker color curtains and change those in for some very lightly colored maybe sheer curtains with a pretty flower pattern on them. Try to get curtains that you can wrap to the side and keep your curtains open in the day time so the sun comes in the home and accent everything.
    • Change the pretty candles in for some fresh cut flowers in pretty vases and stick them on your tables. If you are allergic you can go with light scented incense or a bowl of fresh fruit or plastic.
    • If you are looking to do a little remodeling as well you can get a pastel colored floral border for your walls
    • You can go to any store and get Decorative dinner plates with a nice docile flower or fruit pattern on them.
    • Same with the bed room you can get a nice floral border for the top of the walls. And instead of a big heavy quilt across the bed you can fold a smaller one at the foot of the bed showing a pretty pattern and get tons of throw pillows to decorate the top of the bed. You can also get lacy box spring cover to have hanging at the bottom. And in the center of your floor get a circular floral throw rug.
    • To accent your walls you can get some different outside scenes of flower fields, different kinds of pastures, spring scenes, fruit pictures and hang them around your home.
    • To spice things up you can even go and get some nice house plants to stick in the corners of your home or if you have a bay window of sorts stick some in there so people walking by can enjoy looking at them.
  2. How To Decorate Your House For Spring in a Pastel Theme – Spring Pastel Decorations

    • How To Decorate Your Home This Spring in a Pastel Theme & Wicker Accents

    • Planning out how to decorate your house this spring with varying pastels and pastel decorations can be a colorful experience! ;)
    • If you are looking to redo the entire home you can pick pastel colors such as pinks, blue, yellow and lavenders. Putting a new coat of paint in each room will brighten up the home a lot.
    • In the living room what ever color you have chose for the walls you can get a throw rug and some throw pillows in different bright pastel colors to accent the color you have chosen. Pastel colors go well together so maybe a few polka dot pillows or striped pillows to put around will look great. You may want to get some paintings with abstracts of bright pastel colorings in them. And go with incense if you can or very light scents if they are candles.
    • When you are going for curtains in all of the rooms in your home light pinks, blues yellows and lavenders are a nice touch. Even polka dots and stripes look real nice for a spring touch.
    • For the bed rooms go with a Solid colored throw rug, with some bright pastel polka dots or stripes for the bed sheets and throw pillows. Same for the curtains. And maybe a vase of different colored stones for the middle of your night stand or floating candles in a pastel colored bowl with some colored glass stones at the bottom.
    • In your dining room go with a brightly colored table cloth again with a bowl of colored glass stones or floating candles as a centerpiece. You can go to just about any store and find dishes that are a solid bright color and have fun with this do not get all the same color. You can go with mix matched bright colored cups, plates and bowls. Another polka dot or striped throw rug for the center of the floor will accent the dining room great.
    • Now for the kitchen you may want to just go with a nice center piece and some bright pastel curtains. You can go with a small mat for the floor in a solid bright pastel color. I would not do polka dots though. Stripes would be a good idea.
  3. How To Decorate Your Home For Sping in a Wicker Theme – Spring Wicker Decorations

    • How To Decorate Your House This Spring With Wicker Furniture

    • If you are going to paint your home for spring and you want to go with the wicker theme you may want to pick light beige colors or go with white walls. Decorating your home with spring wicker accents can be fun!
    • With the living room you may want to stick with a light color carpet. Or get throw rug light beige in color or light brow and have a nice green leafy boarder on it. If you want center pieces I would go with different wooden statues or abstract wooden bowels. You may want to go out and get some house plants for the corners of the home, but try and keep them simple green leafy plants. You can even go with plastic plants so they last and do not leave dead leaves all over. As far as the furniture wicker furniture is nice, I would stick with brown UN painted wicker the painted wicker tends to chip and look bad. The fabric for the cushions should have a nice light floral or leafy pattern on it.
    • In the dining room I would go with a wicker table that has glass in the middle, and for a center piece a small leafy plant or a wooden bowl with fruit in it. You can even go with a wood vase with baby’s breath in it. As for the dish wear is go with a light colored bamboo set to accent the wicker furniture. And id go with high back tall seats for the chairs.
    • In the bed room I would have a throw rug that is white with an ivy boarder on it. You can go with the white painted wicker for the head board of your bed with a beige bed set with maybe palm trees on them. The curtains should be sheer beige with a white under curtain. For end tables id go with the glass middle and again a white painted wicker. And for the center piece id go with a small bonsai tree in a bamboo type of pot. I would go with white walls and use a vine type of boarder. Whit some paintings of different Ivy’s, palm trees or bamboo shoot. And go with wooden frames. If you can find bamboo and wicker frames they would really go nicely together.
    • Your bathroom would look nice with a brown wicker towel rack and some paintings on the walls. I would keep the rest room kind of basic.
    • As for the kitchen I would keep the walls white and pick a small boarder for the top of the walls, such as bamboo shoots. The mats should be a light brown or beige with a wicker design on them. If you can find a wicker waste basket to put in the corner of your kitchen that would look nice as well. For a centerpiece id go with fresh fruit or plastic in a over sized wicker bowl. To give the kitchen a little bit more of a kick try to find some paintings of either individual fruits or a whole fruit scene with wicker frames and put a few around. Have a white wooden jar with brown wooden cooking utencils on the counter top for show.

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