How to Pick What Color To Paint Your Kitchen

Picking what color to paint your Kitchen can seem daunting and actually painting your kitchen can be a tedious task. Painting any room in your home can be difficult. But your kitchen is one of the most noticed rooms in the home. Someone is always in there doing something. Whether it is cooking, holding a gathering, or just sitting to have a cup of coffee in the morning you spend a lot of time staring at your kitchen and the color of the paint.

Picking A Paint Color For Your Kitchen

Take a look around to see what colors you already have going on in there, you may even want to take pictures of the kitchen. You also have to decide weather you are just painting the walls or are going to re do the whole thing. Also some other things to remember is that if the existing color is really dark and you are trying to get a lighter shade. What steps you have to take so the old color does not bleed through. One more thing is if the kitchen has paint or wall paper on it. Some wall papers may be covered over while others you have to have taken off the wall before you can paint them new color. I will list some things that may help you in deciding the perfect color you should pick for your kitchen.

Tips To Pick What Color To Paint Your Kitchen

  1. Get some different color sheets from your local hardware store. They always have in the paint section these strips with different shades on them. And see if they match what you have going in your kitchen already.
  2. You can take pictures of the kitchen and bring them with you to the store and try matching shades with it.
  3. find out if the walls have paper or paint on them. If they are wall paper ask the store what you should do and if it ok to paint over it.
  4. If you have a color you think may be hard to go over then ask the store if you should do a few coats of kilz or what they suggest to use to cover the color before repainting it.
  5. If you are looking to do the cabinets as well try to match good colors that will work together with the walls and cabinets.
  6. As I said if you can take pictures to bring with you, try and take a picture of the floor as well because you do not want to make something clash with the design you have on the floor or if it is hard wood.
  7. Wash everything down before you paint. There may be grease residue on things that you do not see or other left over things that may make it harder for the paint to dry right in that spot.
  8. Try to look at the rooms that are the closest to the kitchen as well because they may off set the color you choose and the combination you choose may not come out the best.
  9. If you want a boarder going around the top or some part of the walls or have pictures you will be putting up or even paintings try to work the right colors with that too.
  10. If you are looking to do this all on your own with no help from paint pro that is fine too, just get those color strips or something called a color wheel. A color wheel has a variety of colors that can help you mix and match the perfect colors you are going for.

Kitchen Painting Ideas & Pictures

Here are a few colors and images of ways you can paint your kitchen and colors to paint your kitchen.

  • Color WheelThis is a paint wheel

  • Can of Paint in Different ColorsDifferent paint colors

  • Various Colors & Color Schemes of PaintThese are different kids of color strips you can pick up from the store to help you match up the best colors.


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