What Flowers Should You Plant In Spring?

There are many different flowers you can plant for spring time. Different flowers not only have different smells and appearances but they also do different things. Some flowers attract butterflies or humming birds others attract different bugs that may be good or bad. There are even different flowers you can plant in your garden that help other flowers grow and bloom better. Below are a few different flowers you can plant for spring time.

What My Favorite Flowers To Plant This Spring

  • ZinniasZinnias – these pretty flowers attract butterflies. They are circle flowers that come in many different colors.

  • Bee Balm FlowerThis is a bee balm flower and this type attracts humming birds. This has the perfect shape so a humming bird can lick the nectar. Humming birds like the bright colors in these types of flower.

  • Picture of DaffodilsDaffodils are pretty spring flowers. The only thing with these they are poisonous if eaten. So you have to be very careful with small children near these. These flowers will come back each year because they have a bulb. Any flower that is a bulb will come back each year if cared for properly. And you can dig them up and replant them when the flower dies.

  • Picture of TulipsTulips come in a variety of color and are also a flower that has a bulb, so it will come back each year.

  • Picture of PeoniesPeonies come in a variety of colors their leaves are a real deep green color and they have a really pretty smell to them.

  • Picture of MumsMums are a very popular flower for spring and come in different colors. They however do not have a very nice smell to them at all. But after they die you can pick the tops off of them and save them. Inside there are seeds that you can replant.

Decide What Flowers You Want To Plant This Spring

Spring is such a happy time and it’s really a wonderful experience to plant your own spring garden, even if it’s for the very first time this year. With so many choices of flowers and fruits you can plant come spring it may seem an overwhelming choice. The key to deciding what flowers you should plant in spring is to simply first decide whether you want a simple garden or a large garden variety of flowers mixed together in the same bed. If it’s just a few flowers you want to plant this spring then simply choose your favorite color combination of three flowers that look good together, all similar heights, or 2 short flowers and 1 long stem flower. You should get the idea. Match them up in a pleasant way and get started seeding!

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