Free Family Fun Day Activities

With everything going on today none of us really have the extra cash to go out on a vacation or even to take our family out. There is nothing to worry about though there are tons of things that you and your family can to that do not cost a thing. Additionally the entire family can have tons of fun doing these activities together.

My Favorite Family Fun Day Activities You Can Do For Free

You can all pitch in and make a picnic lunch together and walk down to the nearest park, zoo or just an open field, bring some board games, cards or toys and have a good day out.

A lot of us as parents have so much arts and craft supplies well bring them all out and either sit on your floor or kitchen table and let every one make what they want to. Then when you are done each one can stand up and show what they have made and tell why they made what they did.

You can make a game and movie night, each one pick out your favorite movie. Play some board games first have fun. Then make snacks and drinks and relax to all your favorite movies.

Go on a hike in the woods with the whole family, have a list for each of them and tell them they each have to find everything on their list the first one done with it wins.

You and your family can make a play up then turn on a video camera and recite it in front of the camera then watch how good your family have done.

Finger painting as a family. Who does not like to finger paint? It makes you feel like a child all over again.

My Most Fun Free Family Fun Day Activity Suggestion

My last and most entertaining free family fun day activity suggestion is that you can do something a little more imaginative, like pretending that your family is an awesome band of some sort, each of you can get some kind of instrument, weather it is pots and pans, a kid’s guitar, use the bottom of a laundry bin or whatever else you come up with and march around making noise and dancing.