How to get a new Social Security Card

How do I get a new Social Security Card? Do you need to get a replacement social security card for one that you have recently lost or had stolen? No Problem! Here is what you have to do to most quickly get a social security card replacement.

Get Your Replacement Social Security Card

The easiest way to get your new social security card is to follow the steps outlined below.
Start off by visiting the following site, From here you will choose to get the appropriate replace social security card application and what exact paperwork you will need to provide in order to obtain your new card. You can choose from several drop down menus where you will select whether you are applying for a new original copy of your social security card or a replacement copy of your social security card. Among the other options you will be asked several questions including whether or not the issued card will be for yourself or another person. Whether the recipient is an adult or a child (minor). And the current citizenship status of the individual for whom the card is to be issued.

Your Social Security Card Replacement Application

After completing the steps above you will know what you need to get started to get a new social security card. Now that you know what documents you need you can visit this web page, in order to obtain a copy of form SS-5 which is the application you must fill out to obtain a new social security card. Once you have filled out the social security card application, you should print it out and either mail the application or drop off the application to your local social security office. You can find additional information related to this process here:

Your New Social Security Replacement Card

You can file for a brand new social security card or a replacement social security card by obtaining the necessary documents and completing and returning the application to the appropriate social security office to receive your replace social security card.

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